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What is FUE SAPPHIRE PEN hair transplant? The sapphire pen is basically an innovation to the FUE method, in which sapphire blades are used to extract hair grafts from the donor area, instead of steel blades. Tissue recovery will be faster in comparison to the steel blades, acidity will be prevented, and the bonded skin will have a smooth surface, meaning no scars left behind.

Although there are different types of hair restoration techniques available, the FUE is the safest of all methods. The majority of hair transplant methods come with some common side effects, including large noticeable scars and slower healing in the donor area.

Therefor, What distinguishes FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is its method of graft extraction. In FUE, grafts are extracted as individual follicular units, rather than strip tissue grafts, Reducing pain and scarring and making healing much faster than it is in other hair transplant techniques.